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Coming to the stage in 2017!

The Outsiders (Children’s Production) - April 7-9, 2017

This powerful coming of age story follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs, who are divided by their socioeconomic status. The story unfolds, as told by Ponyboy, who sees injustice on a daily basis, and feels very much like an outsider. As Pony matures, he grows in his ability to see the full spectrum and to stop dividing the world into black and white, good and bad, insiders and outsiders, Greasers and Socs.

Twelve Angry Jurors - June 9-11, 2017

On a hot summer day after a long trial, a jury must decide whether a 19-year-old man is guilty of murdering his father. The jury votes 11-1 that the man is guilty of the crime, but laws in the United States require a unanimous vote by all 12 jurors in order to pass judgment. Tempers flare as the eleven jurors try their best to convince the 1 dissenter to come around to their side. As the evidence is re-examined, however, new uncertainties come to light, forcing everyone to truly question if there is in fact some measure of “reasonable doubt”. Twelve Angry Men is a heightened courtroom thriller that puts you on the edge of your site while powerfully exploring what it means to live in a democracy. 

ALLOCATING ANNIE- September 8-10, 2017

When Cliff Tucker inherits an orphan on the eve of his wedding to wealthy Bobbi Ralston, he figures he can handle matters until the foundling turns out to be full grown and gorgeous with an infant in her arms. While Cliff is fielding this disaster, his lawyer, who is in love with Bobbi, plots to scuttle the wedding. Plans backfire and lunacy multiplies when a struggling actor arrives and Cliff's housekeeper/sister lets him move into the apartment Cliff is vacating. Three convoluted romances culminate in a climactic engagement party in the final act that leaves audiences roaring with laugher. The deranged events involve a dress that looks like a Christmas tree, a stuffed monkey subbing for the baby, a telltale birthmark, and a startling dinner entree called "Penguin Wellington." This farce quickly accelerates from amusing to hilarious and is a fine frolic for the entire family to enjoy.

The Velveteen Rabbit (Children’s Production) - December 8-10, 2017

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with but really loves you, then you become real.”

Though the most modest toy in the nursery, the Velveteen Rabbit earns the love of a young boy and learns about the joys and pain of becoming “Real.” Margery Williams’ classic book springs to magical life in this enchanting musical about love, loss and self-esteem, with music by the composer of the smash Off-Broadway revue I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.